Female, 50+ years old
"Dr. Hollyer has helped me changed my life….this may sound like hyperbole, but it’s
true. Working with Dr. Hollyer, I’ve learned to trust my instincts, have confidence in my
abilities, cope with my anxieties, and most importantly for me, recognize my self worth.
Each time I arrive in her office, I experience a welcome sigh of relief as I sit down on her
comfortable couch ready to let go of the week’s pressures and concentrate on feeling
good and learning more about myself. This is MY time and one of the few places I feel
comfortable enough to be totally myself and enjoy, even celebrate, who I am."

Female, 25+ years old
Over the course of my life I have seen plenty of Psychologists; Dr. Hollyer is different than most.  She is genuine, honest, and very easy to speak to.  Our conversations are open and thought provoking.  She does not take any notes, yet she remembers every detail of everything we have ever discussed.  She actively participates in our conversations and never passes judgment on any secrets that I share.  She approaches each session as a continuum of the session before.    Dr. Hollyer has helped me to improve relationships with family, friends, and colleagues as well as my overall mental well-being.  She is wonderful and I highly recommend her!

Female, 56 years old
"Sometimes I joke that I've been in therapy longer than Woody Allen.  But, that's because I don't just go to hear myself talk.  Dr. Hollyer creates a safe and trusting environment where I've been able to master my fears and grow past my childlike limitations to become a more capable, competent and fulfilled adult. 
She interacts with her patients, and makes an effort to learn who we are, who our family and friends are in a way I believe is unique for this profession. 
Dr. Lauraine Hollyer is a gifted, trustworthy therapist with whom you can heal and grow, if that is your goal."

Male, 30+ years old in couples therapy
"Visiting with Doc H has been an enlightening experience. I was reluctant at first to admit and be open about having difficulties with certain aspects of my life and relationships but Doc H quickly relieved those feelings. Her approach is consultative and more importantly sincere. My level of comfort with her sky rocketed in our first meeting and I’ve improved as a person and future husband ever since. The knowledge and awareness I’ve gained from speaking with Doc H has helped me evolve internally, with family and in my work life.  But most importantly she has helped me understand, appreciate and love my fiancé in ways that I couldn’t before. A million thank you’s are not enough to express the gratitude I have towards Doc H."  

Female, 50+ years old
"The first time I sought the help of Dr. Hollyer, I thought I would just solve a problem that involved a family matter. I just wanted to learn how to avoid this trouble again.  She was more then able to help me see for myself how to handle many other troublesome situations. I have increased my bank of coping skills with her help.  Dr. H is a superb listener who keeps me on track. She is able to focus on key issues that come up in our encounters in a relaxed and professional manner.  I have come to feel increasingly more self-actualized since becoming one of her clients. My self-worth has definitely improved.  Since that very first session, I have also been able to reach a long time career wish of becoming a nurse. I really never dreamed I would go back to school at an older age.  With her assistance and encouragement, I was able to make it happen.  I feel unashamed to say I have a therapist and happy to say her name is Dr. Lauraine Hollyer, Ph.D."  

Male, 50+ years old
"I began counselling with Dr. Hollyer 3 years ago.  Prior to beginning sessions with her I was both mentally and physically exhausted, feeling like each day was a marathon of stress and anxiety that I struggled to compete in. With Dr. Hollyer's support and guidance I have been able to put myself and my health first, allowing me to make significant strides in my mental health. She has assisted in leading me to feeling stronger and happier than I have been in years, something I am truly grateful for. I highly recommend her to anyone requiring mental health counseling."

Female 30+ years old
"I have been a patient of Dr. Lauraine Hollyer for several years. After my first session with her I knew that I was in good hands. She impressed me because she filled the four criteria that I was looking for in a psychologist. The first was her attentiveness and the ability to not only listen, but to understand my situation. Secondly, her extensive knowledge about psychiatric medications has been very helpful because medication is a large component of my therapy. Thirdly, she referred me to a wonderful psychiatrist and she is always in touch with her so I have the best possible care. Fourth, she has welcomed my family into my sessions to help them cope and understand my needs. Dr. Hollyer’s approach to my therapy has gone beyond the office and into the outside world. She has helped me gain confidence in myself and the encouragement that I have needed greatly to help me in social, family and workplace situations and relationships. She never gives up on me! She has also been very instrumental in helping me attain my current job. The most in important thing though is that I consider her a great friend and even a family member. When I go to see her for a session she always greets me with a smile. When I enter her office I feel like I’m walking into the family room at home. It is a safe haven for me because I know that she cares for me and wants me to be well. There have been times between my weekly sessions where I found myself in a difficult situation. Sometimes I have called her to get through it and she has always been prompt in returning my phone calls and talking me through the situation.  Lauraine has given me so much in so many ways. She is a very important person in my life and I thank God for her everyday!"

Female, 70+ years old 
 In 2004, my 25 year old daughter was diagnosed Mix Bipolar. I have to admit I was in denial. How could this be? What did I do wrong?
I wanted to be there for my daughter. I wanted to help her. Dr. Hollyer started seeing me regularly. When the time was right,my daughter and I have regular joint sessions.
As a psychologist, Dr. Hollyer goes far and beyond the norm with her support, understanding and friendship. She recommended a school where my daughter might find work. My daughter is now working full-time at that high school. Amazing!
Both my daughter and I are learning to cope with our challenges. I have learned to see things differently.  Thank you Dr. Hollyer

Male, 40+ years old,

I met Dr. Hollyer as a patient in Fair Oaks Hospital in 1989. I was admitted for Major Depression and Addiction.  She was my assigned psychologist on the unit. She quickly became one of the few people I trusted, as much as I trusted anyone at the time. When I was released, Dr. Hollyer and I agreed to continue my therapy.

I have to be honest; I was not a very willing participant and resisted change or even the notion of it at every step of the way. Dr. Hollyer continued to be attentive, supportive and compassionate.  It took some time but my defenses began to crack and I slowly trusted her more and more. The thing that stand out to me most in looking back was the she never quit on me in spite of my efforts to make sure I would not have to change. Change came, as did new insights and perspectives with time. Dr. Hollyer encouraged me to take risks and I did begrudgingly.

In 1995 I left New Jersey and did not acquire a new therapist when I landed in the Midwest. It was time for me to spread my wings and make my own mistakes with the new tools I had been practicing.  Not everything went smoothly but I rarely took steps that would hinder my growth and development over the long haul.  My relationship with friends, coworkers and in dating improved, as did my sense of self, peace and comfort in my own skin.

This past year I returned to New Jersey and after a challenging period, I called Lauraine and asked if I could come in for some sessions. Our current work is dramatically different than the experiences I had with her back then. She is still as supportive and caring as ever and willing to offer guidance and insight but allow me to make my own choices and learn from them. I highly recommend Dr. Hollyer to anyone looking to grow and learn more about who they are and why. I am still sober after 21+ years and have many solid, healthy relationships in my life. I know I did my part as well as others but none of this would be possible if not for my work with Lauraine.

Female, 30+ years old
I have been seeing Dr Hollyer for quite sometime.  In the beginning I was not very comfortable, but Dr. Hollyer did everything possible not only to feel comfortable,but safe. Therapy takes time.  It may take years to uncover issues that are buried deep down from childhood.  Over the years, Dr Hollyer has helped me identify these issues, deal with them and remove much of the pain associated with them.
I can tell Dr Hollyer anything and she won't judge me or criticize.I look forward to my sessions and I recommend her to others

Female, High School Student, 18 years old
I have been seeing Dr Hollyer for quite sometime.  In the beginning I was not very comfortable, but Dr. Hollyer did everything possible not only to feel comfortable,but safe. Therapy takes time.  It may take years to uncover issues that are buried deep down from childhood.  Over the years, Dr Hollyer has helped me identify these issues, deal with them and remove much of the pain associated with them.
 I can tell Dr Hollyer anything and she won't judge me or criticize.I look forward to my sessions and I recommend her to others

Female, 60+ Years old
I've been a patient of Dr. Hollyer's for 10 years. I started seeing her when my daughter was a teenager and I was very troubled by the teenage antics, which seemed to be leading her in the wrong direction. I was frequently very anxious.
With Dr. H's help, I came to realize many things, that nature and nurture were at play here. First, mild anxiety disorder and depression run in my family. I was well aware of that, but thought that I wasn't suffering from them, like others in my family. I was too capable, too smart, too much of a problem solver, to be unable to cope with my own life at that time. And, I'd been a psychology major in college, surely able to recognize depression; and I knew I wasn't depressed. However, I hadn't been feeling like myself for a number of years and, on occasion, had physical manifestations of anxiety. I thought my problems were due to my daughter, menopausal irritability, and the various trials and tribulations of modern life.
Dr. H recognized that there was probably a genetic component to my problems and suggested exploring the notion of taking prescription medication for the anxiety/depression. I was very reluctant -- meds didn't fit in with my self image -- but agreed. Within just a couple of weeks, I was feeling like my old self and more able to deal with life, including life with a teenager. 
With therapy, Dr. H has helped me to cope better, parent better, problem solve better, all without being under the debilitating cloud of depression. She's a good listener, and also knows when to offer more practical guidance about things troubling me. She's helped me through the death of my last remaining parent, serious financial difficulties, the empty nest experience, work-related issues, and more. 

 Though I'm not suffering much any longer, Dr. H remains an important part of my support system, easy to talk to, share the good and bad with, keep me on track, and a source of counseling wisdom and insight. Everyone should be so fortunate to have such a good therapist.

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